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It is very curious the denomination of the different types of menus that can be given according to establishment or kind of business. It is for this reason that sometimes it is difficult to understand what a customer really wants.

We have already commented on other occasions on the subject of the expressions used for cocktails, pica - pica, Spanish wine etc. that affect standing catering services. Let's try to understand the meanings of a seated meal through our history, which is always more entertaining.

Artigot Catering developed into a restaurant, as an expansion of the business that opened in the midst of the economic crisis in 2010. In our restaurant Artigot Avalon offered a daily set menu from Monday to Friday at noon and a gourmet menu on weekends.

Menu of the day: lunch proposal, usually from 1 to 3 p.m. Monday to Friday, consisting of a first course, a second course, dessert and/or coffee. There are usually more than 2 options for each dish and a low calorie option is always included. The price is very competitive, especially in industrial and business areas and estates, because they are fed by their employees and there is usually a proliferation of bars and restaurants offering a menu of the day.

There is usually no menu of the day in the evenings or weekends, when restaurants sell their menu with more elaborate and expensive dishes.

The gastronomic menu refers to what you want to sell in your restaurant, to tell the truth. We had a menu with several starters, a second course of entrecote or hake, dessert and coffee for a higher price than the menu of the day but also closed.

Gastronomic menu

The tasting menu also has a closed price, which consists of a "long and narrow" menu, in which more than 6 dishes are tasted in small portions, in order to show the variety and excellence of the restaurant. These tasting menus have become very fashionable in the restaurants of great Chefs and Michelin Star(s) with quite outrageous prices it must be said, but they are a wonderful recreational experience for those who like to eat well. And also to drink well, because they usually pair each dish with a wine appropriate to each case.

And between the daily menu of the staff restaurant and the Michelin-starred tasting menus, there is ample space for seated meals for the rest of the public.

In fact, Menu is the definition of the menu of a restaurant printed on paper (although since the pandemic it is common to download it from a QR code), which groups the dishes by type of food: salads, starters, eggs, pasta, rice, meat, fish, desserts..., with its price per dish. In these sections you can clearly see the specialty of the restaurant because the number of dishes dedicated to their section increases considerably, for example, pasta in an Italian restaurant, meats in a steakhouse ....

And what types of menus do we have at Artigot Catering?

In our corporate dossier we include 5 closed menus a priori with a set price, because we have to start from something. But it is very common to compose an ad hoc menu for each client. An important thing to take into account is the number of diners, because the same dishes cannot be transported, regenerated or assembled for 100 or 1000 people, as is logical.

This is easy to understand if you think about how long it can take to plate (and therefore to serve the diner) a hake with baby squid, prawns, clams and green sauce with potato garnish: 6 or 7 operations on each plate. It is obvious that for a thousand people it would have to be something much simpler, like a fish in transparent papillote, which is taken out of the oven and placed on the plate decorated without further ado.

The executive menu that many corporate events ask for in order to lower the price, poses a problem for us because, more than the cost of the raw material of the dishes, it is the transportation of furniture, crockery, glassware etc. that makes the service more expensive, so in Artigot catering we only offer executive menu if the space already has these elements.

There are many times that customers tell us that the seated menu is as expensive as going to a good restaurant, but you have to think that in catering "we take the restaurant to your space", and that has a cost, right?

The Wedding Menu has also undergone a transformation in recent years, with the conventional seated menu being set aside in favor of a cocktail hour with themed stations or stations lasting about two hours, and seating only at the end for a main course and dessert.

Wedding menu

And finally, and as a curiosity, the menu of the celebration is printed on a minute card that is placed on each diner's place setting. The design of the minutes follows the same line as the signs indicating the table number and the siting plan, at least in Artigot catering, and can be an important element of decoration in itself.

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