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Artigot Catering is a company specialized in catering for corporate events. From a small delivery service to a macro event, we stand out for offering our current and exquisite catering coupled with our excellent quality / price ratio for corporate events.

We adapt to your budget and needs, we are flexible and reasonable, quick in our response and we accompany the client from his request to the end of the event.

Our commitment as a company is the excellence of our service: we are passionate about our work and we pamper every detail in order not to disappoint our clients in their events.

Our Gastronomic Offer

In Artigot we pamper our Catering offer, from a coffee to the most sophisticated menu. We balance our menus to make them varied and delicious.

Every year we introduce new dishes to surprise our guests. We take into account the season, the time and the age of the guests at each event. We also care about having a healthy and veggie offer for everyone, we take care of menus for allergies and food intolerances. Therefore, we evolve according to the market and circumstances.

If you are thinking of organizing an event, please consult our catering dossier.

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Artigot Catering launched Crea_Tasting Lab, a more experiential and creative line (...) Gastronomy is only part of the experience, pleasure enters also through the eyes, and the presentation of the food is done in various gadgets, devices, mechanisms. Each station had its installation, from a boat in the Caribbean zone from which cocktails and bites of food were served, to a brazier in the Moroccan zone or a polar environment, cold white, in the North Pole zone.
Six gastronomic trends in events
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As a cornerstone (present from the name), creativity, the will to communicate and make an impact (...) First, storytelling, behind each dish. Everything is there for a reason, it has an explanation, it tries to recreate a specific idea, from an area of the world to a tradition. The second ingredient is the journey.
Artigot Catering launches Crea_Tasting Lab, a more experiential and creative line of services
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Delivery Service

To cover catering services without personnel in an office, in a fair stand or in smaller celebrations, we have a wide Gastronomic Offer that adapts to these needs, we take the food to where you need it.

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