That kiss of two lovers who still can't believe they're already wearing a ring on their finger, who can't wait to show it to everyone...

And after so much organizing, they enjoy "Their Big Day" without worrying about the service, because today, even though it is raining, everything goes well.

"That's what we are. Your peace of mind. Your perfect wedding."

What does Artigot offer? It offers its clients the possibility to toast. To toast to being together. To celebrate love and commitment with family and friends. We also organize your wedding anniversary, silver wedding anniversary and golden wedding anniversary.

Artigot Wedding Catering

Awards and Recognition

Our Menus

Artigot Catering takes care of even the smallest detail, so our menus are designed with love and dedication according to the preferences of the bride and groom.

Quality and balance in the menus and fashionable trends in catering. Because we know you want to circulate among your guests, we have cocktail options and surprising Corners that you will love.

We offer you the peace of mind that comes from having a professional by your side, you will value his advice.
Impeccable and safe service, designing aesthetic elements for your protection.

We make your wishes come true. All this translates into a professional but caring communication. Because we know that every celebration is unique and different, we take care of every detail.

Artigot Wedding Catering
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